What’s in a name? – Intel’s 10nm design could get a refresh


Intel is set to launch a new 20nm CPU architecture this year, but the details have not been revealed yet.

In fact, Intel’s new 10nm process technology is likely to be used in some form in the next-generation Intel Core i9-8960X.

Intel says it will use the 10nm technology for its high-end desktop chips as well as the next generation of its desktop CPUs.

The company expects the next Core i-series chips to have 10nm processors.

The company is using the next processor architecture to make some high-performance chips that are cheaper than the 10-nanometer processors used in laptops and desktops.

Intel has a history of using 10nm as a means of getting cheaper processors.

The chips used in notebooks, for example, were based on the 10 nm technology.

Intel said that 10nm would allow it to reduce the cost of 10nm chips and make them more efficient.

This would help Intel to increase its profits by at least 40 percent, Intel said.

Intel is using a 10nm node to get a cheaper chip.

In the future, it may also use a 20nm node for future processors, according to the company.

Intel’s 10-nm chip is a hybrid of 10- and 10-year-old chips.

It will be the first time Intel has used a 10- or 10-sister chip in a new computer.

The first 10-series processors will use a 10 nm process, while the next wave of 10s will use 10nm.

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