What would a ‘ghost story’ look like?


If you are looking for something different, this is it!

This is what I would draw for this comic if I ever got a chance to do so.

It is a ghost story.

That means it is a story where the author has done something that I know nothing about.

It’s just a story.

I like stories that are simple.

And there is no “right” way to do a story, but there are some basic guidelines.1.

Have the story be told with as little words as possible.

I will make it a bit longer than I normally would.

The story will have the reader at a loss for words as they read it.

I would write it down for reference.2.

I am going to make sure that I am not telling the story to any particular person or to any specific genre of story.

It should be about the reader, the story, and nothing else.3.

Have you considered a title?

The title is not important.

It could be “The Ghost Story,” or “A Story of the Ghost,” or whatever you prefer.4.

If you have a choice, it needs to be memorable.

The wordplay is essential.

It will be the difference between a story that works and one that does not.5.

Be concise and easy to read.

The less words you put in, the better.

The longer you write, the more words you need to write.

I usually write about 15-20 pages a week.

I think it would be a good idea to take a good chunk out of the story so that you have some room for creativity.6.

Be a good storyteller.

If I am writing a story about ghosts, a ghost that is a writer, or the ghost of someone else, then I have to tell a story at least in some capacity.

That’s all there is to it.7.

If the story needs to involve a ghost, a supernatural entity, or something supernatural, make sure it is memorable.

If not, make it as memorable as possible without losing the spirit of the ghost.

If it’s not memorable, you will get stuck with the story.

You will be stuck with what I call the ghost story cliché.8.

Be honest.

This is a very subjective thing.

I don’t have a “rule” that you can’t draw something that is ghost or supernatural.

I can’t tell you what I can or can’t do.

However, if the ghost or the supernatural element of the tale is not obvious, then don’t draw it.

The same is true if you draw something paranormal.

If there is a lot of subtlety, it might be a ghost or a supernatural element.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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