What to wear to a party


How to be a smart, stylish and fun party girl article How not to get your butt kicked at a party (or a birthday party) article When you’re on the road you’re a bit of a nerd, but there’s no shortage of great things to do at home.

Here are some tips for how to stay classy in the wild.


Dress for the weather – wear smart, well-tailored clothing and smart shoes to avoid getting stuck in the mud, or getting mud stuck to your shoes.

You can also wear smart shoes and smart clothes to stay comfortable.2.

Don’t let the weather stop you – dress warmly to stay warm, and keep the temperature down at a low 20C or even lower.


Dress in bright colours – try to avoid wearing the same colour all day, especially in warmer months.

You may also want to consider buying a cool-weather wardrobe, like a jacket, shirt and trousers.4.

Take a break from the party – if you can’t make it, don’t wear the same thing over and over.5.

If you need to wear a coat or sweater, bring your own – not just your favourite pair of clothes, but also a coat, a coat with sleeves, a sweater and socks.6.

Be a good sport – remember that people will be staring at you and you’re the one they’ll want to talk to, and be nice.

Don’ have a big party?

You don’t need to show off your party clothes, just bring your favourites to keep the vibe going.7.

Wear a hoodie – it will be easier to keep your face warm and comfortable, and the extra space in your pockets.8.

If it’s a party, wear a hooded sweatshirt or a jacket.9.

Avoid getting too much attention from people in front of you – it can make the situation worse, and make you look a bit silly.10.

Keep your friends close at hand – it’s easy to get distracted, especially if they’re wearing something.11.

Make sure everyone knows you’re there – everyone wants to know what’s going on, and if you’ve got anything to share.


If there are children at the party, have a look out for them.13.

Dress appropriately for your age – younger people will appreciate the less formal look.

If older people are around, they may be a bit offended, so wear a casual outfit.14.

If a friend or family member is around, dress as normal, or wear what you normally wear.15.

Dress smart – smart shoes are a great way to avoid looking too cute, and stylish hoodies are a good alternative.16.

Dress with confidence – wearing smart and well-fitting clothing is good for you.

It will help you feel confident in yourself and your appearance, and give you the confidence to wear whatever you want.17.

Make the most of the weather: dress in bright colors and wear a jacket or coat.18.

If the weather is clear, wear sunglasses – they give you a bit more protection.19.

If temperatures drop, wear hats, a scarf or a t-shirt to protect your eyes and ears.20.

Wear long sleeves to prevent getting stuck under your jacket.

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