Why are people buying fake eyeliner?

The US has been hit by a wave of counterfeit eyeliner for the first time since 2009, as the cost of the product has risen.The demand for fake eyeliners is believed to have grown with the global economic slowdown, and is now so pervasive that brands are selling a range of products with fake eyelids


How to wear a graphic hoodie with confidence

The hoodie is the perfect accessory for women who want to look sexy, but aren’t afraid to experiment with bolder color, bolder prints, or bolder patterns.It’s the perfect choice for women that want to stand out, but also be confident in their own style.The hoodies that we love have become more and more popular with


Quad graphics on TV on TENEN channels

Sixteen new TV channels will debut with Quad graphics, with the latest offering from the broadcaster and the TEN channel.The TEN network will be the first to get Quad graphics with the launch of its newest offering, The Quad (the show’s title is a play on the acronym TEN, a number which denotes the number


How to Make a Graphic Edge

Graphic Design website Graphic Edge uses graphic design to create a clear, cohesive, and effective logo.In addition to using a variety of fonts and sizes, Graphic Edge can incorporate various color schemes, graphic elements and effects, and design elements that enhance the graphic design.A graphic design designer can apply these elements to create logo designs


The Top 25 Graphic Design Jobs for 2016

1.Graphic design jobs with the highest salary range and the largest number of openings: $125,000-$140,000.The highest salary ranges for this job category are $110,000 and $110 million.You can also earn $100,000 with a 4-year degree.2.Graphic Design jobs with a variety of design roles: Graphic design is one of the most varied fields in the graphic

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