‘I hope you have a better day’ as US president talks turkey in turkey pardons


Canada and the US have celebrated Thanksgiving and there’s been a lot of turkey to eat, but some Canadians are looking forward to a brighter future for the country’s turkey industry.

The Canadian government announced Monday it has approved the first export licences for turkey from Turkey, and President Donald Trump’s administration said the US will begin selling turkey to Canadian consumers in 2017.

On Monday, the Canadian government said it has awarded a total of 17 licences for the export of turkeys to the US, while US officials said they have also granted one export licence to Canada for the purchase of turkey.

Both countries have said they intend to open more than 10 million turkeys in 2017, which will be the highest number of turkeys to be exported to the United States since 2009.

There will be a total export of more than 15 million turkes this year, said an industry official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal government deliberations.

The industry official said a new export license would allow Canadian producers to make more than 30 million turkeies, up from 25 million this year.

But some Canadians, particularly those who have been out of work for years, are worried that a ban on turkeys will hurt the industry and that Canadians will feel the pain when they can’t buy their own turkey.

“It’s going to be a huge, huge pain,” said Michael Kostner, an economist at the University of Calgary.

The official said the government has not yet made a final decision on which US turkey it would allow to be sold in Canada, and it will make an announcement on that soon.

But there is already concern in the industry that a new ban on American turkey will hurt Canada’s ability to compete with American producers.

“If you look at the export numbers, you can see that Canada is really not that competitive with American turkey producers,” said Andrew St-Amant, president of the Canadian Association of the American Turkey Industry.

St-Amants said he’s worried that if a ban is imposed on US turkey, Canadians won’t be able to buy their turkeys from American producers because they can only import them.

“We need to get this right.

This will impact our supply chain,” he said.US President Donald Trumps administration said Monday that it has granted three export licences to Canada and Washington for the sale of turks.

It said the licences would allow for the manufacture and export of about 12 million turkey for use in the United State.

The government has said that the US has already exported about 5 million turquoise, but a US official said Monday the number of US turkeys it has exported is expected to reach about 8 million.

That’s down from more than 13 million turkish exported to Canada last year.

The president of Turkey’s domestic industry association, Fikri Gokcek, said the new export licences should allow for an increase in the production of turkish in the US.

“I hope they have a good day, because this is a big victory for our industry,” he told reporters.

“For us, this is very positive news.

This is very good news for our turkeys.”

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