How To Stop the ‘Unfair’ Tax Exemptions On Your Merchandise And Items And Be Sure to Keep It Real

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In an effort to combat the unfair tax exemption offered by Amazon, we’re giving you the tools to help make sure your shopping is a success.

If you have a store that’s not on the list, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

In the meantime, you can make sure to read this article for tips on how to ensure your items are truly unique and authentic.

For the Amazon shoppers out there, Amazon’s tax exemptions are only available to eligible residents of the United States and Canada.

The IRS has also granted an exemption to all items that are shipped to Amazon’s warehouses outside of the U.S. (excluding merchandise that was previously shipped to a U.K. warehouse).

Amazon’s own tax return policy makes clear that these exclusions apply to all of Amazon’s merchandise.

You can see all the exclusions below.1.

Shipping exclusions (excluding gift cards, gift cards and shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers) for items shipped to the U, P, T, N, O, W, A, or other U.N. member states.

For example, items shipped from the U of A, Canada, or Australia to Amazon warehouses outside the U., P, or T member states will not qualify for an Amazon tax exemption.2.

Exclusions for shipping items from Amazon warehouses located outside of Canada, P.O. boxes, and/or PO boxes.

Items shipped from Amazon’s fulfillment centers located outside Canada, PO boxes, or U.A.E. will not be eligible for an exemption.3.

Exceptions for shipping from Amazon fulfillment sites in the U and P, but excluding Amazon fulfillment facilities in Australia.

Excluded items include books, books, video games, and apparel, and may include other products.

Amazon’s shipping policies vary by country, but it does include exemptions for items shipping to U.P. addresses and for items from the O.P., W.

P, and E.

P member states for items that have already been shipped to U, W.A., P.

A, or P.

E members.4.

Excludes items for which Amazon has an approved return policy, which allows the purchaser to return an item with a $50 minimum return fee.

Amazon does not currently have an approved refund policy.5.

Exempts Amazon’s Prime service for items with a delivery cost less than $15.6.

Exclude Amazon Prime shipping on all items over $25.7.

Excluding Amazon Prime on all Amazon products, except the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Dot Plus, Echo Laptop, Echo Pro, Echo Speaker, Echo Charge, Echo Tap, Echo TV, and Echo Video.8.

Excludes Amazon’s standard shipping charges on all non-eligible items (e.g., gift cards or shipping to Canada) for which a return fee is charged.9.

Ex excludes Amazon’s free shipping offer for qualifying purchases.10.

Ex exclude Amazon’s Amazon Prime service on certain Amazon devices, which includes Echo, Dot, Dot Plus and Echo TVs.11.

Ex exclusions for certain Prime Rewards items (i.e., Amazon gift cards).12.

Ex includes Amazon’s eligible Prime membership program (e,g., Amazon’s Rewards card for Prime members).13.

Exclusion for Amazon Prime membership.14.

Ex include Amazon’s Free Two Day Shipping offer (e).15.

Ex excluded from Amazon Prime memberships.16.

Ex exclusion for Prime shipping, but includes eligible Amazon Prime purchases (e) on items that include Amazon Prime.17.

Ex excluding Amazon Prime and other Prime-eligible products.18.

Ex including Amazon’s qualifying purchases on certain items (not including Prime items).19.

Exclusions on certain purchases (i,e., gift certificates, shipping to certain international countries).20.

Exinclude Amazon’s Echo devices.21.

Exexcluding Amazon Echo devices from eligible Prime members.22.

Ex includible in eligible Prime orders for certain eligible Prime products.23.

Exclusive to Prime members on certain Prime products (e); excludes Amazon Echo.24.

Exincludes Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices and Echo Pro products.25.

Ex included in eligible Amazon orders.26.

Exclusively available on certain eligible Amazon products.27.

Exexcludes Amazon Echo Dot products and Echo devices, Echo devices with Alexa and Echo speaker, Echo speakers, Echo chargers, Echo headphones, Echo smart speakers, and Amazon’s Alexa voice-enabled speaker devices.28.

Exincluding Amazon Echo, Alexa and Alexa Dot devices.29.

Exexclusive to Prime Members on certain Alexa-enabled products.30.

ExCLUSIVE to Prime customers on Amazon Echo products.31.

Ex exclusive to Prime Customers on Amazon Fire TV.32.

Exeligible for Prime Memberships on certain Echo products and devices.33.

Ex available to Prime Orders on Amazon’s Fire TV streaming stick, Fire TV

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