How to make your own cat wallpaper in 10 minutes: DIY cat wallpapers


With its minimalist designs and a focus on cute, this cat wallpaper looks like it could make a great cat toy.

The cat on the background is wearing a bright red sweater, while the white cats paw and fur are pink and blue.

The wallpaper comes in three different sizes and can be used as a wallpaper, a wall display or a cat bedside lamp.

This cat wallpaper was inspired by a cat video by artist and illustrator Darlene Jones that appeared in The New York Times.

Jones, who lives in Portland, Ore., was inspired to create a cat-themed wallpaper by her cat, Chubby, who recently passed away.

“I always wanted to create something that was cat-friendly, so I thought of a cat as a symbol of love, so it was a really beautiful way to start,” Jones said.

Jones said she had originally wanted to make a cat wall in the shape of a bow, but then her husband said, “Why not make it a cat?

He thought it would be more adorable.”

After talking to Jones about it, she thought it was just a funny idea, so she just kept making it until it was perfect.

So far, her designs have been featured on The New Yorker, The Huffington Post, Glamour, The New Republic and The Washington Times.

You can find more of Jones’ cat wall designs here.

“You can just see that the cat is the center of the wall, but it also looks like the background,” she said.

“It’s also really cute, with the cat ears and paw and furry fur.

It’s really cute.”

For the cat on top of the desk, Jones made the top part of the cat by cutting it out of an old sheet of cardboard, adding the top portion of the sheet and sewing it onto the other piece of cardboard.

“Then I made it into the shape I wanted it to be, and then I cut it out to the shape that the dog’s paw is,” Jones added.

She then covered it with paper towels to prevent any dirt and dust from collecting on it.

“The cats are on top, and the dog is on the bottom,” she added.

“So there’s a little bit of an eye-cat effect on the floor, too.”

If you want to create your own cute cat wall, Jones suggested creating a cat face or a different shape for each of the cats, or by sewing a pattern onto the cardboard or plastic that you will be using to make the wall.

“Or you can make it in a way that is a cat head, and just make a picture of it,” Jones told ABC News.

“And then you just draw the cat onto it and glue it to the top of your wall.”

You can use a cat or a dog as the background for your cat wall design, too.

“If you have a pet and you’re just hanging out with your cat and you have that little cat, you can put it on the wall as the backdrop and you can hang a cat up in the window,” Jones explained.

“But then the cat can be your backdrop, too, so you can add that cat in there.”

If all else fails, you could just make some cat-shaped cat toys and decorate them yourself.

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