How to choose the perfect graphic design program


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“There is a lot of misinformation about graphic design,” said Heather Brown, an associate professor at the University of Maryland’s College of Arts and Sciences and the author of “The Graphic Design Myth: How the Internet Makes Us Dumb.”

Brown told ABC News, “The fact is that graphic design is a relatively new field.

The first graphic designers were using the computer, so that was not a very sophisticated way of working.”

That’s why she was surprised by the results of a new study.

The study, titled “Visualizing the Future: Understanding the Graphic Design Industry in 2025,” was published in the March issue of the American Graphic Design Association.

The authors looked at how the graphic design industry changed between 2009 and 2020.

They also looked at the number of people who received a graphic design bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college or university.

They found that between 2009-2020, the graphic arts grew by nearly 8 percent per year.

But the graphic designs that people have been creating for the past 40 years are very different from what’s going on today.

For example, the number that are going to be in the next graphic design apprenticeship will be significantly smaller than what is going to happen in 2020.

That’s because in 2020, only a third of graphic design degrees will be awarded to people who have at least two years of work experience.

And only 14 percent of graphic designers who will be in apprenticeships will be female.

The graphic design industries growth also has its own set of challenges.

“The demand for a graphic designer is really high.

And the supply of graphic designer students is really low,” said Brown.

“It’s a big, complex industry and it has a huge impact on what the jobs are going for.”

But Brown also believes that there is hope for the future.

“I think it is an industry that is growing,” she said.

“We’re seeing it happen in the business and technology industries.

And so I think it will continue to do so.”

For more information on this story, please contact the ABC News Investigative Unit.

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