Graphic designer hired graphic designer to design hoodies


Graphic designer Michael Menezes is heading up a team to develop a logo for a graphic designer hire graphic design website that will launch later this month. 

The website is part of a series of hiring graphic designers that have been going around since April and include companies like Gap, Levi’s and T-Mobile. 

Menezes said the logo will be a playful way to bring the business of graphic design to more people in a way that’s a little bit more accessible.

“The logo is going to be a little playful and playful,” he said.

“It’s going to have an image that’s kind of an abstract but also very literal to what we’re doing.”

We’re going to use the word ‘HOODIE’ in it and it will be kind of a graphic hoodie that we’re going after people who have no idea what hoodies are or how hoodies work.” 

Muezes said it was important to hire people who were willing to work hard and take pride in their work.”

You don’t want to be someone who says ‘I don’t know what this is but I know what I’m going to do’,” he said, adding that he wanted the team to be able to use a logo that was “not a cookie cutter, but something that has a bit of life.

“The logo will also be an extension of the company’s other hiring initiatives, which include an initiative to hire 10,000 graphic designers and graphic designers for its mobile website in the coming months.

banner graphic graphic design website graphic hoodies hire graphic designer

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