AMD Radeon R9 390X graphics card review

Graphics card comparison AMD Radeon HD 7870 and Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards have been around for a while, with the HD 7850 the flagship model of the day and the HD 7950 the high-end model.Both have similar performance, but the HD 7750 is more expensive, while the HD 7470 and HD 7810 are cheaper


How to dress for the holidays in 2017

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re like most Canadians, you’re likely feeling the heat.While some are gearing up for a fun-filled, family-friendly holiday and others are looking to get the party started on their favorite season, this year, many of us have been left wondering where to start.Here’s a look at


How to Make a Graphic Novel, the Game of Life and a Video Game Source Medical News Now title The Art of a Graphic Story Source Medical Now title How To Create a Graphic Book, a Graphic Game, a Soundtrack or a Book Video Source Medical Today

The Art Of A Graphic Novel The Artistry of a novel, a video game, a graphic novel.The art of graphic storytelling.A graphic story is something that makes a difference.And you can see a lot of that in the art of writing a graphic book, video game or book.But it’s not all about story.You can create


How to test your Nvidia graphics card

Nvidia has announced the latest version of its GeForce graphics cards.The new cards feature better hardware and performance than last year’s GeForce GT 700 series.This time, however, Nvidia says the cards are capable of up to 30% faster than the GT 700.Nvidia has also made a significant improvement in graphics performance with the new GeForce


How to protect your image from cartoon graphic tee

If you’ve ever seen a cartoon tee on the internet, you’ve probably seen someone’s face on it.It can also be a symbol of anger, pride, sadness, or even anger at someone.There are countless different designs, but there are also graphic teez, tees that use cartoon graphics to communicate information or to make people smile.This infographic

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