A new ‘graphic’ fashion school will be launched in Turkey

What is it

Turkey is set to launch its first graphic design college on Tuesday, amid concerns over rising unemployment and a lack of social networking.

The new graphic design school will open on Thursday, according to the Education Ministry, which is coordinating the opening of the new academy, known as Kızılay, with the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kızīlān’s director, Fatma Özkan, told Al Jazeera that the school will teach graphic design and graphic design skills.

She said the new school would not be able to offer all of the courses offered at the Turkish graphic design colleges, as many of them have limited courses and focus on visual effects and marketing.

“We’re not going to make it easy to enter the industry, and we are not going in the market,” Özkansaid.

“We want to create a school that has a very high degree of learning for students from different backgrounds and different cultures.”

It’s an opportunity for us to introduce our students to different cultures.

“In recent years, Turkey has seen a surge in the number of graduates who have gone on to become graphic designers and graphic designers of other professions.

In the first quarter of 2019, nearly 5,000 graduates of graphic design schools were employed in the country.

Opinion polls have shown that more than 80% of the population believes that a graphic design degree is a good investment, with 80% saying it should be compulsory.

The government has been working to attract graduates into the Turkish economy, with its Digital Arts Fund, launched in 2019, being used to fund the salaries of graphic designers, according the ministry.

Turkey has seen an increase in the demand for graphic design in recent years.

The number of students applying to study at graphic design institutes in Turkey has increased by over 90% since the beginning of the year.

However, many young people have found themselves unemployed and struggling to find work.

The demand for designers has increased significantly since the launch of the Digital Arts Program, with nearly 50,000 graphic designers applying to enter a program in the first half of 2018.

The number of applications for graphic designers in Turkey is now around 6,000, according data provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

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